About us

About us


We provide services for a broad group of recipients, including self-employed individuals and commercial law companies, foundations and associations.
We have long years of experience in managing accounting and employment and payroll support for companies with a broad profile of activities, including those with international capital. In order to ensure comprehensive support for our Clients, we cooperate with a statutory auditor, a tax advisor and a lawyer.

Our best advantages include professional experience, continuously enhanced knowledge, commitment and, most of all, care about the Client. The objective of our office is to provide professional, high-quality services, long-term cooperation and satisfaction of the Client. We are flexible, mobile and ready to respond to all your needs.

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We will customise our services to specific needs and expectations of our Clients.


How to start our cooperation


Cooperation begins with signing of the contract and authorisations to represent your company before bodies of the administration, i.e. the Revenue Office (Urząd Skarbowy, US) and the Social Insurance Institution (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych, ZUS). Providing the basic company data is necessary, such as NIP, REGON, KRS.
The New Option Accounting Office shall file all the necessary documents reporting the conclusion of the agreement with the Revenue Office and Social Insurance Institution competent for your company.


For the companies freshly starting their activities and declaring cooperation with the New Option Accounting Office, we offer free consultations covering drafting up the documents related to registration of the company and help in selection of the most advantageous form of taxation.


Beginning the cooperation


After signing of the contract for provision of accounting services, your company will only be obliged to ensure reliable documentation of business operations, that is to make out proofs of sale (invoices, receipts, fiscal receipts) and to collect documents of purchase received from your business partners (invoices for purchase of goods, costs such as telephone bills, fuel, etc.). You need to deliver the collected documents to the Accounting Office by the 7th day of each reporting month. The documents may be delivered in person from 8:00 to 16:00, we also deliver documents by mail or by courier services.

On the basis of the received documents, the Office shall complete the relevant books and records and draft up the resulting tax returns, to be sent within statutory time limits, on the basis of the granted powers of attorney, by electronic mail, to the competent revenue offices.


When the tax returns are complete, you will be informed about the financial results of the company in the given reporting period and about the amount of tax liabilities, this information being sent to your email address or notified by phone, depending on your choice. The information is sent with sufficient advance to enable you to timely settle your tax obligations.

After closing of the month, the accounting documents along with the returns may be kept in the Office or provided to you in entirety or in part, depending on your choice.




certyfikat We are an accounting team with long-term experience. Our employees have knowledge and skills confirmed with certificates of the Minister of Finances. Therefore, we can help in effective solution of the most difficult problems that arise during business activities. We represent the interests of our clients before Revenue Offices and the Social Insurance Institution. Each company with which we cooperate is approached individually. We highly emphasise maintaining confidentiality in contacts with our clients. We use the highest-class accounting software packages COMARCH ERP OPTIMA that ensure compliance of operations with the regulations and protection of data. Our accounting office has the obligatory civil liability insurance (the PZU policy). We are additionally insured against damages caused with missettlement of ZUS insurance contributions. We have never been forced to take advantage of these measures.

Cracow office

Mogilska street 43/906
31-545 Cracow
Phone number: 883 409 902
Phone number: 12 307 43 43
E-mail: biuro@bmbk.pl


Cracow office

Osiedle Złotego Wieku 33/28
31-618 Cracow
Phone number: 737 659 171


Ciężkowice office

Saint Florian Street 11/2
33-190 Ciężkowice
Phone number: 534 511 422
E-mail: ksiegoweuslugi@interia.pl


Jeżeli chcą Państwo zapytać o naszą ofertę usług, sprecyzować szczegóły współpracy, np. zlecić nam obsługę księgowości w firmie lub skorzystać z usługi wirtualnego biura – zapraszamy do kontaktu przez formularz. Prosimy o pozostawienie danych kontaktowych, takich jak nazwisko oraz adres e-mail, a następnie o wpisanie treści wiadomości. Możemy także umówić osobistą wizytę w naszej siedzibie w centrum Krakowa.

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