Biuro rachunkkowe, doradztwo podatkowe

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Biuro rachunkkowe, doradztwo podatkowe

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Biuro rachunkkowe, doradztwo podatkowe

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Take advantage of the ideas used in other companies and practices of our specialists.


You need a lawyer, am industrial safety training specialist, a statutory auditor, or leasing? We will provide professionals from any field!


Getting an invoice from an accounting office is better than employing an accountant.


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  • Księgowość
  • Rejestracja spółek
  • Wirtualne biuro
  • Accounting

    The services provided by our office allow to eliminate the burden of managing all the tasks related to finances from the owners of companies. With this approach, finances are left in the hands of professionals and you can focus on developing your activities.

    We offer:

    – managing KPiR, tax on registered income without deductible costs, flat rate tax
    – managing books of accounts for companies, foundations, associations
    – drafting up tax returns (PIT, CIT, VAT), reports for GUS, PFRON
    – drafting up the annual financial statement
    – drafting up reports / analyses for the needs of company management
    – drafting up cash register reports
    – managing registers of fixed assets, equipment, intangibles
    – we register or update the data of the company in the National Court of Registration, the Revenue Office and the Statistical Office,
    – we represent our Clients in the Revenue Office,
    – we draft up applications for interpretations of tax regulations,
    – we manage transfers in electronic banking systems,

  • Registration of companies
    Registration of companies

    The service of registration of a limited liability company (spółka z o.o.) includes:

    – Advising in the scope of selection of the relevant PKD codes, the amount of the initial capital, the contract of rental of the office
    – Drafting up the articles of association of the company (spółka z o.o.)
    – Registration of the company in KRS (the National Court Register)
    – Registration of the company in US (the Revenue Office, NIP number, VAT UE number)
    – Registration with ZUS (Social Insurance Institution)
    – Registration with GUS (Główny Urząd Statystyczny, Central Statistical Office, REGON number)

  • Tax counselling
    Tax counselling

    The basic form of our services consists in providing current consultations in the scope of taxation-related issues. During years of work in many companies, we have gained rich experience in the scope of all types of taxes, as well as knowledge on specific taxation-related problems in the specific sectors of the economy. We combine knowledge of the tax law with knowledge of the practical approach applied by local tax organs. The services that we offer to our Clients have direct practical application in their daily activities, increase security of conducting business activities (by way of minimisation of the risk of errors in tax settlements), allow achieve tax savings and improve functioning of the company.

  • Employment and
    Employment and

    We offer management of employment and payroll issues along with ZUS settlements as a separate form of cooperation or as an additional service. We manage the complete employment documentation in the scope defined in the resolution of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 28 May 1996.

    Our experience allows us also to provide professional consulting in the issues related to the labour law.

    We ensure:

    – managing personal file of the employees
    – drafting up contracts of employment and annexes
    – checking the dates for medical examinations, industrial safety and other time limits
    – issuing certificates of employment
    – drafting up the payroll along with all its components
    – managing registers of leaves
    – drafting up all returns and reports required by ZUS and sending them to the authorities in electronic format
    – printing transfers of PIT and ZUS contributions
    – filing the A1 statement
    – issuing certificates of earnings and employment

  • Controlling and reports
    Controlling and reports

    Ongoing monitoring and assessment of the financial situation of the company are necessary for planning further steps in its development and allow to initiate the necessary reorganisation actions in the appropriate time.

    Our specialists, on individual request of the Client, will draft up the budget and update its execution on the ongoing basis. They will present the financial situation of the company along with the recommendations in the form of the managerial report.

    The managerial reports include: the budget for the given year, drafting up the financial statement and its analysis, drafting up and analysis of reports from execution of financial plans, current reports compliant with the masters provided by the Client. They are drafted on the case-to-case basis and are adjusted to the requirements of a single company or to the standards adopted in a group of companies.

  • Inspections in organisations of the authorities
    Inspections in organisations of the authorities

    We participate in inspections and verification actions to the request of the Revenue Office or the Social Insurance Institution. We participate in inspections for the settled EU subsidies for opening business activities, WUP and other funds. We prepare the necessary documents. We represent the taxpayer, provide explanations, and sign records after the inspection. We will make available the premises for the inspection or represent the taxpayer in the Office.

  • Industrial safety
    Industrial safety

    In the scope of industrial safety, we offer:

    – preliminary and periodical training events in the scope of industrial safety,
    – fire-fighting, evacuation and first aid training,
    – drafting up occupational hazard assessment in work stations,
    – consultations and help in development of detailed working guidelines, guidelines for operation of machines and devices in the scope of industrial safety
    – drafting up the documentation on allowances for work commuting accidents,
    – managing registers of accidents at work and occupational illnesses.

  • Virtual office
    Virtual office

    We offer the possibility of registration of the company at the address: os. Złotego Wieku 33/28, 31-618 in Krakow.
    We receive and keep correspondence, and we offer managing the books of account. With this, all the necessary documents may be immediately used, and their circulation is improved. Official inspections may be also conducted on the spot.
    Our services are the best solution for:

    – small companies that do not manage sales in the place of operations and do not have employees,
    – the companies in organisation that need the office address for registration,
    – the owners who do not want to disclose the location of the company; which most often is the same as the home address,
    – the business activities that need to be registered in another revenue office,
    – the companies that no longer conduct business activities.

    The competent authorities:
    KRS: the XI Department for Commercial Issues of the National Court Register of the District Court for Krakow-Śródmieście in Krakow; ul. Przy Rondzie 7; 31-547 Krakow
    US: Urząd Skarbowy Kraków Nowa Huta os. Bohaterów Września 80, 31-621 Krakow
    ZUS: Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych; os. Teatralne 8; 31-946 Kraków
    GUS: Główny Urząd Statystyczny w Krakowie, ul. Kazimierza Wyki 3; 31-223 Krakow

  • Bank transfers
    Bank transfers

    We prepare bank transfers for invoices, salary payments, payments for US and ZUS. We export transfer batches from the accounting system along with statement of the time of payment. Granting the powers of attorney for us is possible to make transfers up to a certain limit or only adding transfers to the basket, and acceptance is done by the persons authorised in the company. With this service, you will gain additional time for managing the activities and you may forget about time limits for payment of taxes and ZUS contributions, and invoices from business partners will be paid timely.

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Cracow office

Mogilska street 43/906
31-545 Cracow
Phone number: 883 409 902
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Cracow office

Osiedle Złotego Wieku 33/28
31-618 Cracow
Phone number: 737 659 171


Ciężkowice office

Saint Florian Street 11/2
33-190 Ciężkowice
Phone number: 534 511 422


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